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What if you could look a wolf in the eye?


Koani's Eyes

It’s likely there are more untrue stories about wolves than any other wildlife species.

Humankind has a long history of both demonizing and deifying the wolf through fairy tales and legends. These emotionally charged stories have no basis in reality yet they help form people’s opinions about wolves.

“True Wolf” is a story about a captive-born wolf called Koani. Koani, along with her humans, Bruce Weide and Pat Tucker became an ambassador for her species and helped to change the lives of thousands of people. Through Koani’s story, “True Wolf” asks the question, would your opinion of the wolf change if you were given the chance to look one in the eye? It weaves the story of humanity’s relationship with the wolf and wildness. This contemporary film explores the highly polarized and contentious period before, during, and after our country made the historic decision to return wolves to the homelands from which they’d been exterminated in the Northern Rockies.

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