Bruce Weide, Executive Producer

Bruce Weide, Koani and Indy on a wolf walk

Bruce Weide, Executive Producer

Bruce never imagined he’d grow up to be a wolf wrangler.

Before teaming up with Koani, the ambassador wolf, he drove a skidder and set choker in the forests of Oregon, owned a ski and mountaineering store, was a senior instructor for Outward Bound, roughnecked on an exploratory barge in the Red Sea, worked as a climbing guide, picked cotton on one of the world’s largest corporate farms, climbed Yosemite’s El Capitan, built the earthsheltered/super-insulated home he and his wife live in, and bulldogged whitetail deer for Montana’s Wolf Ecology Project. But Koani, the ambassador wolf, made the biggest impact on his life and provided him the greatest opportunity to educate others through Wild Sentry: The Northern Rockies Ambassador Wolf Program, Inc. which he co-directed with his wife Pat Tucker. Beginning in 1991 and over the course of the ensuing 15 years, the Wild Sentry team presented 1,400 programs to more than 200,000 people in venues that ranged from one-room schools to the Smithsonian and American Museum of Natural History.

The Wild Sentry team played a major role in the IMAX Film Wolves and received the Environmental Educator of the Year Award from the National Wildlife Federation and the Natural History Education Award from the Montana Natural History Center. Bruce produced and wrote the documentaries The Wolf: Real or Imagined? (an awarding-winning Public Television program) and Was That A Wolf? (Best of the Northwest Video Festival Instructional Award & Educational Award from the International Wildlife Film Festival). Bruce has published three books Trail of the Great Bear, There’s A Wolf In The Classroom (selected for Science Book & Film’s Annual Best Children’s Science Book List), and Tales of Two Canines: The True Adventures of a Wolf and a Dog. His stories and essays have also appeared in numerous magazines.

Twenty years ago, having sensed a story in the making, Bruce began shooting footage for what would become True Wolf: The Story of Koani and Her Unusual Pack. Five years ago, with the goal of creating a legacy to Koani, he commenced work on the film. After teaming up with the multi-talented filmmaker, Rob Whitehair, they brought that dream to life.