Read about “True Wolf” in “Earth Island Journal”

“Terrific!!” Dr. Joy Browne of WOR Newstalk Radio 710AM highly recommends “True Wolf”
Listen to the podcast as Dr. Joy Browne discusses True Wolf with the film’s director, Rob Whitehair. (scrub forward to 18:59 for the start of the interview) 

“True Wolf, directed by Rob Whitehair, defies death and keeps Koani alive forever as a wonderful ambassador of her species. Hats off to Weide and Tucker for sharing their story of companionship and their spiritual practices of love, reverence and openness! Their witness is needed now more than ever.”

– Spirituality & Practice, Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat Read the full review

Listen to Leonard Lopate on WNYC as he discusses “True Wolf” on NPR

Listen to Chris Diestler on Santa Fe’s Project 101.5 as he interviews Rob Whitehair about the New Mexico premiere of True Wolf.

“Documentaries about a heartwarming companion animal are something cynical smartypants avoid, but if the animal’s a wolf, that does make things more interesting”

–The New York Post, Farran Smith Nehme, Read the full review

“Intriguing…a fascinating conundrum that doesn’t necessarily have any easy answers”

This Week in New York, 3 out of 4 stars!  Read the full review

“…perhaps in getting to know one wolf we might be open to more investigation and dialogue about their place in the web of life and perhaps, as a human hand enters the frame, a relationship on life’s path.”

It’s Just Movies, Bev Questad, Read the full review

“Riveting…Thought-provoking, moving”

The Advocate, Diane Anderson-Minshall, Read the full review

“The segment toward film’s end…is among the more profound and moving that I’ve seen”

TrustMovies, James van Maanen, Read the full review

“You won’t soon forget the ending.”

Sally Mauk, NPR, Read the full review

“…moving documentary…a full and rewarding picture of the extraordinary lives of a wolf and her humans.”

Cinema Sentries, Steve Geise, Read the full review

“…intelligent and touchingly written…the film is at its best when discussing the general issue of overcoming the hatred of adversaries and the prejudices that the adversaries’ children have learned from their parents.”

– Mark R. Leeper, Rotten Tomatoes, Read the full review

“Provocative…Succeeds at least partly in defanging the legend and questioning its value”

– John Hartl, Seattle Times Read the full review

 ”With wolves under threat, the new documentary, “True Wolf” is the perfect antidote to the misguided notions about this magnificent animal”

– The Humane Society of the United States

The ending is “…one of the really amazing moments in documentary film I’ve seen…The value of the film is that it raises as many questions as it does answer questions about the whole notion of our relationship to wild animals.”

– Sally Mauk, News Director, KUFM Montana Public Radio

Listen to Sally Mauk as she discusses “True Wolf” with Rob Whitehair and Bruce Weide

“…thought-provoking, heartwarming, charming…leaves the answers in the eyes of the viewer.”

– Patrick Cavanaugh, The Wolfman Cometh  **Spoiler Alert** Read the Full Review

 ”…hits straight to the heart, making their story a universal one any person who has ever loved an animal can instantly relate to….There is a streak of wild within this documentary I was drawn to, and as such it’s a film I can heartily recommend.”

Sara Michelle Fetters – Film PalaceRead the Full Review

“Honey, Get the Wolf Off the Couch!”

Read the review by Erin K. ThompsonSeattle Weekly

“…don’t try this at home, kids!”

Read the full review in Slant Magazine by Joseph Jon Lanthier

“True Wolf.” A sincere documentary about a Montana couple who adopt a wolf puppy and then decide to raise the animal as an adult. You might question this good-natured couple’s sanity at times, but the movie is dogged about advancing the idea that wolves pose little danger to man.”

– Robert Horton,  The Herald, Everett Washington

“It’s the story of two people who raised a wolf, introduced it to children and people around the world and tried to expand people’s understanding of wolves and what they are naturally like.”

Watch Spencer Fornaciari interview director/producer Rob Whitehair from True Wolf at SIFF 2012, MacGuffin Podcast

“Lupine Legend– A Q&A with True Wolf director, Rob Whitehair

by Brooks Johnson, Missoula Independent

“…is she really as “Big and Bad” as her reputation suggests?

Read: “True Wolf” Missoula-Made Doc Opens at the Wilma on

Read & Watch: National Wolfwatcher Coalition and Wolf Conservation Center endorse “True Wolf”

WeekdaySteveScherTrueWolf  Listen to the interview on NPR, KUOW as Steve Scher discusses True Wolf with director, Rob Whitehair