A message from Rob Whitehair, Director/Producer

Rob Whitehair, Director/Producer

Rob Whitehair, Director/Producer

I moved to the mountains of Montana nearly 14 years ago after hearing a wolf howl deep in the heart of the Bob Marshall wilderness. To me that howl defined what it meant to be wild and I knew that I needed to live close to that wildness.

Since that moment, I have desired to make a film about wolves. Behaviorally, they fascinate me as they share a remarkable commonality with the social structure of the human family. But what fascinates me even more is that the wolf evokes such wild emotions among us humans. I could have reacted to that howl with fear, but what struck me even more was the curiosity as to why I was so moved by that haunting sound that I chose to pick up my life and be close to it.

So when I got a call from Bruce to entertain the notion of making a film about Koani, I could not have been more thrilled. My desire is now a dream come true with the film, True Wolf: The Story of Koani and Her Unusual Pack.

For me, the attraction of this film is that the story is so rich and multi-layered and deals with so many aspects of not just wolves, but of how we define the wild, of how humans and animals interrelate and ultimately how stories affect our view of the world around us. I think the final thing that sold me on the idea is that in all the wonderful success that Bruce, Pat, Koani and Indy shared in teaching the truth about wolves, there was left a haunting question that to this day Bruce and Pat still ask each other. Did we do the right thing?

Ultimately, I have a strong desire to honor the life of Koani, of Indy, and the 16 years that Bruce and Pat gave to seeking and teaching the truth about wolves. That is a legacy worth leaving, a legacy that I am honored to be a part of.